HUGE discount on Vega plus free money!

We just had to share this awesome post from Alpine Lynx, who was tipped off from our Twitter on a huge sale on VEGA nutritional shakes. She ordered it the day we posted, (2 days ago) and it showed up with free shipping today! Check it out! Click the link below in the post to get the deal for yourself and get $15 free added to your account!

Original post found here:

If you aren’t familiar with Vega yet, now is a pretty good time to check it out.

In short, Vega is a clean, plant-based nutritional supplement that comes in various forms like drink mixes, shakes, and bars; my favorite is the Vega One Nutritional Shake. I mix a scoop of it into a smoothie in the morning, or even just blend it up on it’s own, and feel good about adding supplemental protein, greens, vitamins and minerals, fibre, probiotics, omega-3’s, and antioxidants in a pretty great tasting, easy, meal.

Did I mention this is an ABSOLUTE MUST for travel for me. When we were in Norway eating camping food every day, this kept me feeling good. Of course, I’m all about getting proper nutrients from real food, but when life gets crazy and you want some serious nutrition that makes you feel amazing, this is my go-to.

I needed to restock on a few things and instead of ordering it from Amazon, like usual, I found a link from my new favorite site Outside Deals (give them a follow!) and here’s what I found out! Not only is it ON SALE, but if you place an order over $100 you get a free gift and free shipping. The free gift is amazing- includes a Vega Blender Bottle, and a pack of individual packets of either Vega One or Vega Protein, and a reusable bag. ($35 value.)

PLUS, if you use this link you get $15 added to your account for next time! 

Here’s what I ordered, tax included, for $115.48, shipped, TWO DAYS AGO, and it just showed up on my doorstep. SO much cheaper than Amazon or any grocery store. If I bought this in town it would cost over $200. I’m stoked! Click the link above or the photo to go check it out yourself.

Vega Discount Promo Code Free Gift Protein Shake

Also- check out Outside Deals online by clicking the photo above!

*Sidenote, I am NOT affiliated with Vega in any way nor is this a promoted post. Just genuinely stoked on this deal and this company.

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